This Footage Of Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil Fighting in Las Vegas Is Surreal

What did we just watch?

Nic Cage Vince Neil wtf even idk

If you’ve spent most of the day feeling like something was missing, like the world was a little more dull and gray than usual, this video is for you.

It’s the tail end of a tussle between rock icon Vince Neil and half-feral actor Nic Cage. TMZ reports that the whole thing started inside Las Vegas’s Aria hotel when a woman approached Cage for an autograph and Neil allegedly threw her to the floor by her hair. 

Cage stepped in then, according to TMZ, to make Neil chill out. The video shows what was apparently the end of the confrontation.

While this has been characterized as a fight, it seems more like Cage was trying to prevent Neil from getting himself in any more trouble, to get the situation under control. 

TMZ reports that Las Vegas PD cited Neil for battery, but he was not taken into custody. And Nic Cage didn’t even have to lose his hand in the bargain. 

h/t TMZ