Nick Bolletieri's Tips For Serving Up a Victory

The legendary tennis coach whose IMG Academy has trained everyone from Andre Agassi to Maria Sharapova, dishes up three superior shots.
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The Drop Shot

“When you see your opponent playing six to eight feet behind the baseline, you know this: He doesn’t want to come in to the net. So hit a drop shot. The key? Disguise. Use the same emotion, the same expression, the same swing you have for a baseline shot, and at the very last second just cut a drop shot over the net.”

The Swinging Volley

“Back in the ’80s people said I couldn’t teach a volley. So I said to Andre, ‘Fuck it, swing at the goddamn ball.’ Make sure the ball is a little above shoulder height. Swing at the same level of the ball with your hand slightly behind the racquet. Use a big follow-through, around to your left shoulder, and finish at the same height you started.”

The Second Serve

“Most people have a good first serve. But any decent player will attack a shitty second serve. So change it. Aggression is the key. You’re going to have some double faults, but it’s worth it. Use some force and employ a more continental grip. That strong serve will win you a lot of points.”

Photos by Clive Brunskill / Getty Images