Nick Bolletieri’s Tips For Serving Up a Victory

The legendary tennis coach whose IMG Academy has trained everyone from Andre Agassi to Maria Sharapova, dishes up three superior shots.

The Drop Shot

“When you see your opponent playing six to eight feet behind the baseline, you know this: He doesn’t want to come in to the net. So hit a drop shot. The key? Disguise. Use the same emotion, the same expression, the same swing you have for a baseline shot, and at the very last second just cut a drop shot over the net.”

The Swinging Volley

“Back in the ’80s people said I couldn’t teach a volley. So I said to Andre, ‘Fuck it, swing at the goddamn ball.’ Make sure the ball is a little above shoulder height. Swing at the same level of the ball with your hand slightly behind the racquet. Use a big follow-through, around to your left shoulder, and finish at the same height you started.”

The Second Serve

“Most people have a good first serve. But any decent player will attack a shitty second serve. So change it. Aggression is the key. You’re going to have some double faults, but it’s worth it. Use some force and employ a more continental grip. That strong serve will win you a lot of points.”

Photos by Clive Brunskill / Getty Images