Nick Swisher Had a Pretty Rough Night

And thus, the Cleveland Indians continued to be from Cleveland.

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The Francona-jumpstarted Indians are sitting in the passenger seat of the AL Central, just 3.5 games back from the Tigers. They could have cut that to 1.5 games with a win last night at home, but it was not to be, thanks in part to totally hilarious struggles by professional goofball (and also baseball player) Nick Swisher.

Swisher’s trouble started when he led off the 8th inning of the 2-2 game. He drove a Bruce Rondon pitch directly into the dirt and into foul territory. What he didn’t realize is that the ball had a little English on it, and while he had his back turned, likely pondering how he got lucky enough to lock this down, Tigers catcher Brayan Peña chased down the ball, waited for it to roll fair, and then ran it back – with an enormous shit-eating grin on his face, no less – to tag out the daydreaming Swisher.

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At least his error didn’t very clearly cost the Tribe a run, right? Right – you only had to wait two more innings for that. In the 10th inning, while down 2 runs, Swish was rounding third, on his way to cutting the Detroit lead in half when, well, see for yourself.

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Cleveland never did get that run across and ended up falling 4-2 one out later. When asked for comment after the game, Swisher had this to say

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