Prepare to Be Disappointed By What the Crazy Colorful Nickelodeon Studios Look Like Now

R.I.P. Our childhoods. 

The Nickelodeon Studios building in Orlando, Florida was once a beacon of childhood joy and innocence. In the nineties through the early aughts, bright-eyed children gathered to be part of the studio audience for shows like All That,Weinerville,Kenan and Kel, and Double Dare.

But in 2005, Nickelodeonmoved out of Orlando and the building now houses the Blue Man Group Sharp Aquos theater, which you might think would still look inviting, but you’d be wrong. The facades has been stripped of all color and signs of life, and today the building stands as a stark reminder that once our fleeting youth is behind us, the rest of our life is spent hurtling towards inevitable decay and despair.

On Tuesday, a photo showing the old and new studio designs side-by-side hit the front page of Reddit as everyone came to terms with the fact that our childhoods are dead. 

So here’s a video of a grownup who is not taking it well:

h/t Tech Insider