Nicki Minaj Graced One Lucky Teen’s Bar Mitzvah With Her Presence

Oh, to be young again.

Platinum artist Nicki Minaj is a skilled rapper, style icon, and straight up boss bitch. She’s also cemented herself as the teen boy icon of the moment.

Earlier this year, we saw her heroically soothe a sobbing child using nothing more than the power of her ample bosom.

This past weekend, she turned her attention to the Bar Mitzvah circuit. —excuse us, now man—with an appearance, during which she performed her hit “Super Bass” and gave the youngins a brief motivational speech about self-sufficiency.

She also posed in a photo that so perfectly encapsulates teenage male awkwardness that it should immediately be placed in a museum (shouts to the kid directly to Nicki’s right, who is downright stupefied by the chanteuse’s sheer proximity).

As a wise man once said, youth is wasted on the young.