How Social Media Stars Nicky Gathrite and Tara Electra Created Unruly Agency To Give Influencers Their Power Back

The dynamic duo manage prominent Instagram influencers including Lexy Panterra, Sierra Skye, Sara Underwood, and more.

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Social media influencers and digital marketing has expanded immensely throughout the past five years, with people finding new and innovative ways to enhance their online presence, develop a profession, and turn a profit. However, no one has done it more successfully than Tara Electra and Nicky Gathrite, the founders of Unruly Agency.

Nicky started his career in finance and ranked top 50 in the nation at Northwestern Mutual in 2017. He later emerged in the entertainment industry as a competitor on Fear Factor. Learning diligently about all aspects of marketing through these opportunities, Nicky leveraged his dynamic skill set to eventually step away from the finance world, and step into an entrepreneurial role that he was always meant to have. A true innovator, Nicky studied digital marketing trends in great detail and learned an algorithm for influencers and content creators to thrive on their own terms.

Nicky made it his mission to establish a platform where social media personalities could create their own authentic images, rather than succumbing to the aesthetic wishes that brands they work with force upon them. He wanted to give influencers creative freedom to do what they do best, and with his extensive background in digital marketing, he did just that upon joining forces with Tara Electra to found Unruly Agency.

A born leader and businesswoman, Tara had always been passionate about digital trend-forecasting and taking companies to a new level through innovative marketing strategies. She kicked off her professional journey founding Electric Mind, an influencer marketing agency, followed by her role at Insomniac developing their first-ever influencer campaign for EDC.

Tara’s extensive background and experience in her line of work has prepared her to live up to the challenge that her competitors pose, and continually prove them wrong. Tara found that being consistently undervalued as a leader pushed her to pursue bigger and better collaborations, and this mentality to keep reaching new heights and breaking boundaries eventually led to the creation of the Unruly Agency. Tara is a professional at turning raw talent and influence into pure profit.

As the leaders of Unruly Agency, Nicky and Tara strive to help models create campaigns that will result in profit, drive traffic in an unmatched way, and help brands and talent convert higher numbers across all platforms. Specializing in social media management, influencer marketing, content creation, and much more, Tara and Nicky are at the forefront of digital innovation, and they are masters at molding the social and financially savvy modern-day model. Together they have created a multi-million dollar business that has changed the game for elite influencers around the world.

Not only are Nicky and Tara creating profit for the women in their agency, but they are also helping them regain confidence, monetize their image, and achieve unimaginably attainable goals. They currently manage some of the most popular names in social media, such as Tana Mongeau, Charly Jordan, Daisy Keech, Lexy Panterra, Sierra Skye, Kinsey Wolanski, Sara Underwood, Stefanie Gurzanski, and many more prominent influencers

Unruly Agency symbolizes the new wave of social media marketing, with influencers finally taking charge of their own professions, and Nicky and Tara are at the forefront of that revolution.