Watch Nicolas Cage Sing an Insane Cover of ‘Purple Rain’ at L.A. Karaoke Bar

You OK, bro?

He never meant to cause us any sorrow; he never meant to cause us any pain. But if you have ears, listening to Nicolas Cage sing in the video above will surely cause both. 

The clip—via TMZ—of the Oscar-winning icon pouring his heart out death metal style in a karaoke performance of Prince’s “Purple Rain” has gone viral for a number of reasons, including the fact it might be more proof of just how tough the guy has it right now—emotionally speaking. 

Nicolas Cage in Dec. 2018

Cage has had it rough lately, dealing with events that if someone told you the story without naming the man involved you might say, “Damn, that sounds like something that might happen to Nicolas Cage.”

Like, he got married in Vegas to a woman named Erika Koike. Congrats to the happy couple, right?

No, they got unmarried four days later—an annulment, to be precise. Cage reportedly claims they were really drunk and did it on impulse. TMZ, however, reports that Koike says the marriage was totally legit and now she wants financial support.  

The bees.
Wicker Man

So yeah—if Nic Cage seems like a guy going through a thing, well, he definitely is. 

We could make the case that the man who blew millions on fun stuff like haunted mansions, pygmy heads, and yes, a $276,000 dinosaur skull is never not going through a thing, but that would mean presuming to know the mind of Cage. 

No one can do that, obviously. The man is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wearing weird red sunglasses. 

We’ll just hope he gets to the other side of this sea of troubles and stops taking it out on the late Purple One’s timeless music.