Nicolas Cage Will Finally Get to Play Superman

It only took 20 years.


(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Twenty years ago the stars nearly aligned when Nicolas Cage was cast as the Man of Steel in the failed 1998 movie Superman Lives, a project that never took flight.

Billions of YouTube views of Cage having his Superman costume test later, the legend of screen and cinema is finally getting his chance. 

He will voice Clark Kent in the upcoming animated feature Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, executive producer Sam Register revealed to USA Today.

The project is not quite of the caliber of the proposed 1998 movie, which was to be directed by Tim Burton with a screenplay from Kevin Smith. Oh well…

It is actually a movie adaption of a popular Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans GO!

Cage joins a cast of impressive talent. The pop star Halsey will voice Wonder Woman, and rapper Lil Yachty will play Green Lantern. You read that right.


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Teen Titans GO! To The Movies will hit theaters July 27.