The Night Before Red Band Trailer Is Your Early Christmas Present

This hilarious, raunchy movie looks like peak Seth Rogen. 

I know you thought you couldn’t watch another movie whose central premise is Seth Rogen being fucked up off his face, but you are wrong: A new red band trailer forThe Night Before is here, and it is hilarious. 

Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie star as longtime friends who get together for a final night of holiday debauchery before Rogen’s character becomes a father. His wife (Jillian Bell, killing it) gives him a box of drugs as a Christmas present, and “the proportions are all off.” This trailer is on par with the hallucination scene in Knocked Up — let’s hope the movie itself is better. It sure looks like it! 

The Night Before opens on November 20. Hallelujah!