‘Night Trap’, The Sexy Nineties Video Game That Was Too Hot For Sega, Is Making A Triumphant Return

The most controversial video game ever is making a comeback…

When Night Trap was released in 1992 on Sega CD, its live-action gameplay, violence and overall sexiness caused gamers to flock to stores to buy it and parents everywhere to condemn it. 

25 years later, the game that required Senate hearings and caused the creation of the ESRB video game rating board, is returning on PS4, Xbox and PC.

Engadget reports:

Physical versions of the game will be restricted to 2,000 copies on PC, and 3,000 copies for the PS4. A collector’s edition, housed in an individually-numbered throwback case, will launch the same day for Sony’s console.

Priced at $55, it will also include a bunch of retro goodies, including a cassette tape with the game’s theme song. 

Credit: Digital Vision

We’ll be honest, Night Trap’s gameplay is pretty basic. There’s a reason Sega didn’t pursue much in the way of live-action video games afterward. 

However, the novelty of live-action scenes in the game and the simple puzzles that are solved by spying on the residents of the trap house via “live feeds” made for interesting retro gameplay that’s definitely worth another pass in our modern gaming age.

Credit: Digital Vision

Most of all, Night Trap’s rerelease is an interesting opportunity to see just how damn ridiculous it is for Senators – even to this day – to blame societal violence on video games. 

In a world where GTAV sells jillions of copies and E-Sports leagues are encouraging gamers to compete in death matches for cash and scholarships, Night Trap remains a shining example of how misinformed lawmakers scapegoat video games for bigger problems.

Then again, if you’re not into the whole social activist element, feel free to play Night Trap for the chance to peep on some scantily clad co-eds

After all, that’s what drew everyone to the game in 1992, anyway.