Niia Made Us A Sexy Playlist

We asked the sultry singer for her ten favorite songs of the moment. 

Niia, 26, has a hauntingly beautiful voice gives classical jazz a sensual twist. (“We could be lovers, as long as you love my body right,” she croons on her single “Body.”) You can get to know her better in our March issue, in which she talks about her love for all things James Bond, but the fastest way to understand a singer is to listen to the music they respect. We asked her for her ten favorite songs of the moment. Here’s a Niia-curated list to get you in the mood this week. 

D’Angelo, “Real Love”

This song reaffirms why I love D’angelo. He’s just being himself. Sexy, soulful, and real.

Clare Maguire, “Don’t Mess Around”

What is there to say? Her voice is unforgettable.

Beyoncé, “7/11”

Beyoncé can really do any style of music.

The Weekend, “Often”

Any song that makes me blush makes the list.

Hot Chip, “Huarache Lights”

I don’t know why I like this song. It just works for me.

Frank Ocean, “(At Your Best) You Are Love” (Aaliyah/The Isley Brothers Cover)

Frank Ocean has that rare ability to feel current and timeless.  I love how stripped back this cover is.

Movement, “Us”

I really like this band. The lead singers voice is so sexy: This song could get anyone in the mood.

Jungle, “Time”

This song is such a jam!

Mark Ronson, “Daffodils”

Mr. Ronson is one talented man. This song is funky and fun.

Niia, “Body”

I hate to admit it, but I really like my song. After a while I usually can’t listen to my songs anymore. But this one still makes me smile.

Photos by Photographed for Maxim by Sigurd Grünberger