Watch Kevin Spacey Play a Cat in What Looks Like the Worst Movie of the Year

The A-list cast must have been paid a ton.

It’s still only January, but it feels safe to say that we already have a pretty good idea of what will be among the worst movies of the year: Nine Lives, a family comedy that finds Kevin Spacey‘s billionaire businessman turned into a cat to punish him for neglecting his family. A cat. Kevin Spacey is a talking cat.

Jennifer Garner, who has a bad habit of letting herself be cast as the romantic interest of unattractive older men in lowest-common-denominator studio fare, also stars as Spacey’s wife. And they even convinced Christopher Walken to join, as the protagonist’s friend (we’re presuming—- it could be a brother or a business partner). It seems that maybe only he knows the true identity of Mr. Fuzzypants. 

We’re guessing the cast got a pretty decent paycheck in exchange for the humiliation. Nine Lives opens on August 5. 

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