All The Freakiest Featured Creatures From ‘No Man’s Sky’

Meet the 11 strangest galactic critters from summer’s hottest video game.

The No Man’s Sky’s galaxy is staggeringly huge with hundreds of trillions of planets to explore, each one teeming with the most oddball creatures that the guys at Happy Games (and their procedural engine) could dream up. 

We’ll never see the entirety of No Man’s Sky’s universe, but that won’t stop us from archiving the weirdest and wildest creatures found in the galaxy so far. 

Here, 11 of the freakiest critters in the summer’s hottest new video game:

1. The Breakdancing Antelopes

These two interstellar b-boys know how to get up to get down. We like to think they are just getting ready to audition for the inevitable summer blockbuster, Step Up to Space.

2. SkullRex

You may think you’ve seen a T-Rex before but have you ever seen one…in space? Looking like he’s a long lost native of Skull Island? Now you have. You’re welcome. 

3. Sonic the Space Hedgehog

We can’t say for sure if this guy is actually a hedgehog but we’ve spent enough time with Sonic and Sega to know that back spines and an intent to go fast are two hallmarks of hedgehogs. Space hedgehog. It’s science.

4. Princess Amidumpling

What happens when you cross Star Wars‘ Princess Amidala with a pork dumpling? This thing. 

5. Ramosaur

It’s a goddamn dinosaur with ram horns. We want him to be our Zodiac symbol so we could say we’re born in the sign of awesome. 

6. Praying Spider Mantis

Top part Mantis, bottom part Spider, all parts completely terrifying. Find this thing waiting for you when you touch down on a new planet and you might need new underpants. It’s cool though, you can tell by the smiley face above him that he’s happy….probably because he just ate the guy who landed there before you. 

7. Penis Rock

Not a creature per se, but the planetary landscapes in No Man’s Sky can be just as weird as the planet’s inhabitants. It’s not the size of the rock formation, it’s how you use it. 

8. Wall-Eyed-ceratops

Bad news is this biceratops has two gnarly horns front and center. Good news is that he’s got eyes on his shoulders and probably just runs around in circles all the time. 

9. Space Squid Whale

You’ll have to look closely to see that this is a whale with squid trimmings. Why look closely? Because it flies. Why does it fly? Because of course it does. 

10. Broker Anus

He did what? We didn’t dub this Gek with the most epic name in the galaxy but we’ll chuckle loudly in our office every time we think of visiting him on his space station. 

11. Bird Jaws

Bird Wings, hinged jaw, huge tail, big teeth. If we found this guy on Earth, he’d be proof that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Instead, we’ll just be grateful that nothing this horrific ever existed on our planet.  


John Sciarrino