‘No Time to Die’ Star Léa Seydoux Suggests Term to Replace Outdated ‘Bond Girl’

Seydoux says outgoing 007 Daniel Craig is a “feminist” and Bond “female characters have changed so much” thanks to him.

Lea Seydoux at Cannes
Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

In an appearance on Good Morning America tied to the premiere of No Time To Die, Lea Seydoux (Bond love interest Dr. Madeleine Swann) suggested an updated term for the beauties once known as “Bond Girls.”

Addressing the question as to whether the term “Bond Girls” is out of date, Seydoux suggested “Bond Woman” might be more appropriate. She used her own role in the franchise as an example.

Seydoux said Madeleine Swann is “quite unexpected for a Bond girl because she’s not here to please James Bond. She’s this time a real woman with depth and vulnerability, which is something quite new for a Bond woman.”

As for the way roles for women are changing in Bond films, Seydoux told GMA hosts that star Daniel Craig deserves a lot of credit. “I think I can thank Daniel in a way because he’s a feminist,” she said, “and it’s because of him that the female characters have changed so much. It was time to now have stronger female characters, so I’m really happy for that.”

The actress also talked about how the experience created some complex emotions for her and the audience at the premiere, saying it was “very, very emotional because it is also Daniel Craig’s last James Bond. People were extremely moved by the film. I’m really happy that everybody loves it.”

Seydoux expressed optimism regarding what the film’s coronavirus pandemic-delayed premiere could do for people who see it in the theater, saying she hoped it would “reunite people.”

Movies provide “a way to share emotion,” she said, “so I’m really happy that the film is coming out and really happy about the success of the film and happy for Daniel. It’s been such an incredible experience.”

No Time To Die premiered in theaters October 8 and the last outing for Daniel Craig has earned great reviews. Critics have called it “poignant,” and said, “this Bond delivers what fans have come to expect from a 007 film.”

The search is now on for a new Bond, and with that we’ll certainly get plenty of stunning new “Bond Women” as well.