New ‘No Time To Die’ Photo Shows Bond and M In Secret London Meeting

The photo dropped as rumors swirled that Daniel Craig’s final Bond film will be delayed yet again due to the pandemic.

No Time To Die is still sitting in storage somewhere while movie studios wait for theaters to become relatively safe for audiences again, but we’re getting a steady drip of intriguing photos and footage—enough to whet the Bond fans’ appetite.

On Sunday the official 007 Instagram published a new image of M (Ralph Fiennes) and Bond (Daniel Craig) in a scene set in London with the caption, “James Bond (Daniel Craig) and M (Ralph Fiennes) from No Time To Die, filmed a year ago today by Hammersmith Bridge in London.”

It’s an intriguing photo, but anyone really jonesing for more Bond and already disappointed by the coronavirus pandemic forcing the movie to push its release from April to November 2020 will hate this: There’s a chance No Time To Die‘s premiere could again be delayed. 

Citing an inside source, The Sun tabloid reported that the “release of the latest James Bond film No Time To Die is set to be pushed back yet again due to Covid-19 concerns.”

The source also reportedly said the studio fears the movie will be a loser at the box office due to the pandemic and that another “problem is cases of the virus climbing in the US, as many fans of Bond, played by Daniel Craig, are over 40 and so more vulnerable.”

It’s not a typically over-the-top British tabloid rumor but it hasn’t been verified. As of July 13th, Daniel Craig’s final turn as a retired Bond who gets pulled back into a life of intrigue by his CIA counterpart is still set to hit US theaters on November 20, 2020.