Tom Ford’s Upcoming Thriller ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Gets a Slick New Trailer

Violence plus killer visuals equals count us in.

Designer Tom Ford‘s second directorial outing, Nocturnal Animals, ticks off all the boxes: a doomed romance (check!), a beautiful but damaged lead (Amy Adams, check!) and menacing, slack-jawed bad guys with a cowboy vibe (Michael Shannon and Jake Gyllenhaal).

But it’s Ford’s eye for arresting visuals that will put this film over the edge, as evidenced by its slick, seductive new trailer above.

Nocturnal Animals follows a divorced couple as they uncover each others’ dark pasts. The majority of the film takes place in the American Southwest, but its sleek surfaces and recurrent use of red wouldn’t look out of place in an Italian fashion ad.

Based on the 1993 novel Tony and Susan, Nocturnal Animals premiers Nov. 23.