Nolet’s Conquistador

We’ll never say No to a cocktail!

It’s the last day of September… 

But October is going to be the best month ever. Just think of all the fun things you’re going to do!

Like cool dances…

And magic…

And coffee.

And spicy gin cocktails, like this! 

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Ritcher Photography 


Recipe courtesy: Joe Cleveland, Coqueta


2 oz. Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin

1.5 oz. apple-celery juice

1 oz. house-made Anise tonic

1 oz. club soda

Spicy fennel salt

Lemon wedge

1 cube lemon ice

1 whole star anise

Fennel fronds


Use a lemon wedge to wet the rim of a gin & tonic glass. Pour the salt into a shallow dish and roll the rim of the glass in the spicy fennel salt. Place lemon ice cube in the glass and set aside. In a shaker, add all liquid ingredients, except the soda, and shake hard with ice. Strain into the prepared glass and top with soda. Garnish with star anise and fennel fronds. 

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