Two ‘Walking Dead’ Stars Become Real Life Heroes

Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun made new lifelong fans.

Steven Yeun Norman reedus walking dead getty

Apparently, The Walking Dead actors who play Daryl — Norman Reedus and Glenn — Steven Yeun — are fully capable of way more than killing zombies. 

According to TMZ, the pair were riding motorcycles through the streets of the Georgia location where The Walking Dead is filmed when they came across a car accident. Their heroic instincts kicked in and, despite there only being minor injuries reported, Norman Reedus and Yeun stayed put until an ambulance arrived and everyone was safe and sound. 

Either the actors really like living in Georgia, or their appearances around Peachtree mean that they are likely to show up alive and not on the receiving end of Lucille in The Walking Dead‘s next season premiere. 

Only something like 130 days left till we find out, that’s all — give or take a few. 

h/t Uproxx