North Korean NBA Jam Will Make You Laugh (And Then Fear For Your Life)

You’re on fire…literally.

You’re on fire…literally.

Forget about Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl, it seems the most unbeatable character in all of video games is Kim Jong-un from NBA Jam.

Right now you are probably trying to remember if any of the versions of the game featured the North Korean leader.

Not to worry, your memory doesn’t fail you. Scott Skiles aside, the classic arcade game remains safe from any bizarre entries. This particular video comes from the YouTube comedy channel, Official Comedy.

While I was always partial to using Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson, I can see how I might want to cheat and go with the duo of besties Kim and Dennis Rodman.

The video parodies the recent trip Rodman took to North Korea, where he took in a basketball game with his newest BFF Kim Jong-un. The fallout has been a pleasant mix of outrage and hilarity. Deadspin informed us of all the wild and wacky rules the North Koreans have for basketball. 

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