Odell Beckham Jr. Is Must See TV

He’s also putting up historic numbers as the best wideout in the NFL.

After nearly two years as one of the NFL’s best receivers, playing in the country’s biggest media market, Odell Beckham Jr. is somehow still without nickname. Some call him OBJ or ODB, but those are initials, not a nickname. That’s why we’d like to suggest a fun little sobriquet for the second-year Giants receiver: Seinfeld. Or maybe Friends. Even Mad About You works. 

Why. Because he’s Must See TV. Get it?

Not since NBC’s Thursday night comedy block all those years ago has there been a televised event more appointment-worthy than a Giants game, and it’s all thanks to Beckham. His acrobatic, one-handed, falling-out-of-bounds catches are singularly impressive. He does things no one else can — or, at least, things no one else does. 

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Take Monday night, when Beckham caught seven passes for 166 yards and two scores in the Giants 31-24 win over the Dolphins on Monday Night Football. As is usually the case with this guy though, the stats don’t tell the whole story. But he GIFs do. 

Unbelievable catches are Beckham’s thing. They’re what make him Must See TV. And his quarterback Eli Manning deserves a little credit for that. If he had a highly accurate passer like Drew Brees slinging the ball, he’d never have the chance to make the one-handed behind-the-back snags that Eli’s dead ducks often require. Manning isn’t the best QB Beckham could have for football purposes, but for entertainment purposes, only Rex Grossman would be better.

It’s a testament to Beckham’s talent that even with one of the league’s less accurate quarterbacks he’s putting up record stats. The 23-year-old has caught more passes and gained more receiving yards in his first 25 games than any other player in that same period.

All of this and we haven’t even mentioned the guy’s remarkable hair, which, come to think of it, takes us in a different direction on that nickname suggestion. Let’s go ahead and scrap Seinfeld. This dude’s definitely a Kramer. 

Smile in the face of anythinn, it goes a long way #Unfazed… Preciate ya @tanothebarber58

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