Watch the Funny, Bloody, Violent Official New Trailer For ‘Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers’

Has Doug Glatt lost his punch?

Goon 2 Still
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In November we got a look at the red band trailer for Jay Baruchel’s and Seann William Scott’s follow-up to cult hockey comedy hit Goon, Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers. Late Thursday BarDown released the sequel’s first official trailer, and it looks like we’re in for more pucks, punchlines, and punching. 

Scott is back as Doug “The Thug” Glatt, the hardest-hitting man on the ice, but the new twist, as this trailer reveals, is Doug himself may have been punched a little too much. He’s medically sidelined and sent to a humbling job working a store room. But Glatt wants back on the ice and is willing to train harder than ever to get there. After all, he’ll soon be a dad to a “tiny mushroom person” too, and that can inspire a man.

Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers gets us back out on the blood-spattered ice again on March 17, 2017.