Ohio State’s Mascot Tries To Play Quarterback, Predictably Gets Leveled

He lost the ball, but kept his giant head.

He lost the ball, but kept his giant head. 

Being a mascot can be brutal sometimes, as Ohio State’s Brutus Buckeye found out the hard way at OSU’s Student Appreciation Day.

Brutus took a snap from behind center, didn’t see any receivers open and decided to take off and run, a la Braxton Miller. 

It’s a decision Brutus thankfully lived to regret, as the mascot was destroyed by linebacker David Perkins, who lowered his shoulder and laid him out, forcing a fumble in the process. 

Thankfully, Brutus was able to recover and popped right back up after the big hit with a little help from Perkins. Perhaps next year, OSU officials might consider letting old Brutus wear one of the black no-contact jerseys.

After all, that’s been working well for Miller lately…or not.  

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