Watch the First Video From the Ned Flanders-Inspired Metal Band, Okilly Dokilly

“White Wine Spritzer” will rock your sockilly ockillys off.

Ned Flanders rockers Okilly Dokilly

We first told to you about OKILLY DOKILLY back in 2015, and now this Simpsons-inspired metal band is back with a surprisingly awesome video for their debut album’s first single, “White Wine Spritzer.” 

As you’d expect, the band is dressed like Homer’s affably dorky neighbor, Ned Flanders. What’s unexpected is how damn catchy this song is. 

Their lyrics are a near direct quote taken from the below scene in which Flanders boldly asks for someone to get him a—you guessed it—white wine spritzer. They did change “Ah, heck,” to “Ah, hell,” though, because this is metal music we’re talking about. 

The video takes a dark twist towards the end. We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say one of the Neds may or may not end up buried in a shallow grave.