Olivia Munn Explains How Psylocke Could Beat Both Wolverine and Deadpool

If looks could kill, she’d be the obvious winner.

The idea of rivalries have existed since the dawn of time, with two power hungry oppoenents going head-to-head to see who  would come out on top. While a battle like Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm has more of a clear victor, it’s those fictional, hypothetical superhero battles that usually spur a massive unanswerable argument. With the consistent flow of Marvel and DC films into theaters in the past few years, those theories may finally have an answer, even if it’s a scripted one. The latest theorized battle to float around: Psylocke v. Wolverine v. Deadpool.

The three aren’t set to share screen time any time soon (that we know of), but X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia Munn recently took to Twitter to announce who would win in a battle between the characters. 

“Um, Psylocke. I mean at the end of the day, she is telekinetic so she can create anything with her mind, and just win the battle.”


Her answer, though not surprising in the slightest, can easily be argued by any true comic book fanatic. Though recent Apocalypse footage has displayed Psylocke’s telepathic talents firsthand, she’d have to go balls to the wall in order to defeat two of Weapon X’s finest regenerative mutants. We’re uncertain even her explicit metal capacity could stand up to the claws of Wolverine, or the running mouth of Deadpool. 

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to try. As long as she’s wearing that purple get-up, consider it advantage: Psylocke.