One Thing We Learned After Sofia Vergara’s New Year’s Eve Fight

Her fiancé is a secret condiment king.

Her fiancé is a secret condiment king.

Normally there isn’t a particular reason to pay attention to Sofia Vergara’s fiancé Nick Loeb, because he’s usually standing next to Sofia Vergara, who is much more pleasing to look at. Then he got into a big fight at a Miami club on New Year’s Eve that ended with Sofia’s dress being pulled down in public and both of them getting thrown out. So what does Nick Loeb do once he actually has the attention of men all over America?

Hawk his condiment product, Onion Crunch.

Unbeknownst to many, in between his run for Senate or whatever political aspirations he had, Loeb created some sort of fried onion condiment that can apparently be sprinkled on hot dogs, hot potatoes, and maybe even hot ladies if they’re feeling kinky. Last night he was actually photographed walking into a restaurant carrying a bottle of Onion Crunch with Sofia Vergara trailing behind him.

Dear Nick Loeb, you’re much better off flaunting your fiancé.

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