Only 16 Perfect March Madness Brackets Out of 8.7 Million Could Still Win $1B

Turns out billionaire Warren Buffett is way smarter than you.

Most brackets in contention for Warren Buffett’s Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge were immediately busted in the tournament’s opening game, when Dayton, an 11 seed, took down Ohio State. However, as of the end of the Stanford/New Mexico game only 16 lucky, and soon to be disappointed, souls remain in the running out of the 8.7 million who entered. That’s one out of every half a million brackets or so. So while you were already counting on buying that Jet Ski that’s also a jet that’s also a house that’s also a laser gun, Warren Buffett was loving him some underdogs and ashing his cigar rolled in gold leaf all over your hopes and dreams.

Thanks a lot, wonderful and inspiring basketball stories. 

Photos by Chuck Liddy / MCT / Landov