“Orange Is the New Black” Teases a Wild Return

The third season is promising a full complement of pranks, underwear dancing and Sapphic romance. 


Few television have a more rabid fan-base than Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” the show about a WASPy Smith grad who winds up in jail after helping her gorgeous lesbian lover smuggle drugs. (The drugs were a phase; Laura Prepon was not.) Now with an upcoming third season, it seems the ladies of Litchfield are still having loads of fun causing heaps of trouble. Highlights include underwear dancing, a Pyramus and Thisbe (Thisbe and Thisbe?) moment between Piper and Alex Vause on opposite sides of a bathroom stall, and a sweet Tastee/Poussey hug. Netflix, hold back—we’re already frothing at the mouth for the season’s June 12th debut. 

Photos by youtube