This Oregon Trail Tribute Is Littered With Zombies Instead of Oxen

Instead of dying of dysentery, you’ll be torn apart by something much worse. 

Everyone’s played The Oregon Trail, right? If not in a dimly-lit school computer lab with derelict computers and scratched-up floppies, then probably on your smartphone, screaming with rage because one of the members of your family died of cholera or some other random disease. There’s a reason the most successful educational game in history is also one of the most beloved games of your childhood.

But chances are, you probably haven’t heard of The Organ Trail, a retro zombie survival game parody of The Oregon Trail. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

This live-action trailer is a hilarious look at what happens four other friends must scavenge for supplies and fighting off the undead, all while making their way to the fertile(?) lands of the Pacific Northwest. Keep in mind the actual game itself is purposefully modeled after something you might find on the Apple 2, but this short bit of zombie fiction is still something awesome to chew on.

The Complete Edition of the gruesome title is headed for release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 20th. Don’t forget to stock up on buffalo — otherwise, you may end up as somebody else’s dinner.