Our Playlist of the Week: Feb 23

Whether you’re getting through the cold, your hangover, or the mid-week blues, these jams have got you covered.


Before The Bachelor: Get into the mood for some good ol’ fashion reality TV lovin’ with The Weeknd’s “Often”.

After The Bachelor: Didn’t get that coveted rose? You’ll be ok, girl. Keep on keepin’ on.


Tuesday is going to be the coldest day of the week in NYC, reaching a balmy 23 degrees. When you want to give Mother Nature the middle finger, listen to

“Curse the Weather” by Mo Lowda & The Humble

. You won’t necessarily feel warmer, but you’ll be better prepared to take on the day.



Put a little pep in your step to get over the midweek hump with

“Reflections” by Misterwives

. It also helps that their lead singer, a fiery redhead, is all sorts of

easy on the eyes



Remember when Kanye wasn’t so Kanye? We don’t either. Here’s a reminder:

“Lost in the World”, by Kanye West + Bon Iver

. Now high-five yourself for making it one day closer to the weekend.


The latest track from 

Galantis, “Gold Dust

“, is bound to blow up any second and will for sure get you ready for the weekend. It will also make you bounce around in your office chair. You’ve been warned. 


AM: Whether you find yourself  in a hungover haze or feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed, “

Left Hand Free” by alt-J

 is just what you need to wake up this Saturday morning. 


“Lie, Cheat, Steal” by Run the Jewels

because they go hard and so do you.


While you do whatever it is you do on a Sunday until Better Call Saul comes on, regroup and chill out with “Take It As It Comes” by J. Roddy Walston & The Business​.