Our Top 10 Movie Meltdowns

No actor, no matter how suave, can keep his cool forever. Behold the torrent of screams and spittle we call our favorite moments of cinematic mind loss.

The only thing we like more than cars exploding, buildings exploding, buildings filled with cars exploding, and gratuitous nudity are those moments when our favorite characters completely lose their shit. They’ve managed to hold it together for a while, but in these moments it’s all come to a head and they’re not having it. Here are our some of our favorite all-time meltdowns.

10. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
After all Steve Martin’s Neal Page been through, an incompetent car rental company and one of their overly cheerful employees provide the final straw.

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9. The January Man
New Yorkers know that the current mayor is a tiny, soft-spoken man. In the world of The January Man, he’s a batshit Rod Steiger who can only take so much before he completely lets loose on Danny Aiello. Do you understand that? Whoooa! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?


8. Real Genius
Remember your final exam anxiety? “How am I going to find time to study with all these full kegs around?” Well, at schools for super geniuses, the pressure is just a little bit higher…

7. Casino
Not since, well, Napoleon, has the Napoleon Complex been so perfectly embodied as it is in the form of Joe Pesci. Not many people can get away with screaming at DeNiro. No wonder Scorsese keeps hiring Pesci, he’s like his Tyler Durden.

6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Christopher Lloyd can be pretty creepy in street clothes, so the addition of Looney Tunes animation and voice-modification is like an LSD trip if LSD hated your guts.

5. The Shining
When you make a list like this, three names are pretty much essential: Pesci (check), Pacino (wait for it…), and, of course, Jack Nicholson. He’s lost it before, but this may be the best slow burn of all time.


4. The Devil’s Advocate
What did we tell you? Li’l Al is in the vocal chord-shredding hall of fame, but any man who can lose his shit and defy God at the same time is nothing short of a meltdown ninja.

3. National Lampoon’s Vacation
Nothing is more frightening than a family man impeded on his quest for the perfect getaway. Praise Marty Moose, indeed.


2. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
If you need any introduction to this, welcome to your first day on the internet. Take it away, Shat.

1. Stay Hungry
We’ve seen the Austrian Manbeast lose it on a classroom full of kindergarten kids, but few remember this important lesson from his early days: Never, ever laugh at Arnold. Ever.