How The Bizarre ‘Overwatch’ Fetish Is Getting Gamers Hot And Bothered

Searches for this sexy new game on Pornhub have skyrocketed more than 800 percent.


(Photo: Blizzard)

This past weekend, the makers of World of Warcraft launched the open beta for their new video game, Overwatch, which is an over-sexualized first-person shooter featuring tons of big-breasted anime chicks. It’s wholesome fun, really.

And apparently, the magical combination of bouncy cartoon boobs and blasting guns made a lot of anime-loving nerds out there incredibly horny, because since the day the beta was released, “Overwatch” related searches on Pornhub skyrocketed 817%.

The top search term related to the game was “Overwatch Tracer,” referring to the character Tracer from the game, who has nice set of honkers and a very well-defined butt. A sexualized graphic of the character hugging another well-defined butt was released earlier, which is probably why Tracer is searched so much. Hey, we can’t help it if well-defined video game butts turn us on.

We can only imagine what Overwatch porn lovers do to Pornhub on May 24 when the actual game is released. Let’s just try to stay calm out there, people.