Ozzy Wants To Hear You Scream

Ozzy still wants you to check out his new album Let Me Hear You Scream (dropping tomorrow), but now he also has a special message for Maxim.com viewers and non-viewers. Well, mostly non-viewers.


On June 22nd, Ozzy Osbourne reminds everyone that he’s much more than the put-upon Dad shuffling around his house battling a herd of dogs and cameramen.  He is a metal demi-god, after all, and his first new album in three years, Let Me Hear You Scream, will be case in point.

To help you work out the joints in your Devil Horn hand, we present an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video for the lead single ‘Let Me Hear You Scream” as well as a stream of the single for your listening pleasure.

Watch the making of Let Me Hear You Scream:


Listen to: Let Me Hear You Scream

Tracklisting includes:

“Let It Die”

“Let Me Hear You Scream”

“Soul Sucker”

“Life Won’t Wait”

“Diggin’ Me Down”




“I Want It More”

“Latimer’s Mercy”

“I Love You All”

Let Me Hear You Scream

will be available everywhere

June 22nd.