Pacers’ Paul George Hits Three From Another State To Take Heat To OT

How could this possibly go wrong later?

How could this possibly go wrong later?

With time running out in Game 1 between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat and Paul George merely seconds from winding up an unlikely scapegoat, Indy’s young star nailed a game-tying triple from way beyond the arc to send the contest to overtime.

The play was nearly a disaster, as George initially had Udonis Haslem switched onto him. Despite the mismatch, he inexplicably picked up his dribble and gave up the ball at the top of the arc. When his pass to George Hill was deflected, it ended up in David West’s hands as time ticked away.

George raced to his left, took a clumsy handoff and elevated from a good three steps behind the arc. LeBron James, somewhat surprised by George’s decision to fire, didn’t even leave his feet to contest the shot.

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