Packers Fan Sinks To Filthy New Low to Save Ticket

Gross, but worth it.

In Green Bay, the Packers are more than football—they’re a way of life. Credit the general dreariness of the frozen backwater of Wisconsin where they play and the team’s unique ownership structure that allows fans to snag a little piece of the pie. 

And now watch an example of that extreme devotion play out on video: a fan searching through the sewer for a lost ticket.

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The video was recorded outside of Lambeau Field in Green Bay on Sunday, and the star is reportedly attending his first Packers game. According to the description on YouTube, he pretended to drop his ticket down the drain as a totally hilarious gag before actually dropping it like a total goon. He watched in horror as it fell “through the sewer to the sewage,” the uploader writes.

At that point he did what any fan 10 beers into a tailgate would d: He had his friends remove the manhole cover so he could wade through the waste. For his trouble, he got a wild story, a major Packers win, and one can only assume, a nasty case of Hepatitis C. We applaud your devotion, football fans, but please never do this again.