Paramount’s Youtube Vault is Filled With Awesome, Free Streaming Movies

True classics, full-length and ready to consume your weekend.

The “sizzle reel” for Paramount’s vault.

Paramount’s “Vault” on Youtube has been live for a while, but movie-lovers are only just beginning to catch on to the fact it’s full of great movies—and you can grab all the popcorn right now and start watching for free. As Slashfilm notes, the channel is “lacking in the blockbuster and universally beloved classics departments,” but it’s absolutely filled with oddities, campy “so bad they’re good” classics, and perhaps a few hidden masterpieces deserving some fresh eyeballs. 

Paramount’s “About” page states the channel contains “black-and-white to color, comedy to horror, and everything in between.” Here are just three examples of the archive’s variety.

Crack in the World

This 1965 sci-fi film is about a scientist whose efforts to tap into molten rock deep in the Earth’s crust go badly astray. It’s IMDB listing only grants it three stars, but we’d add at least one more just for its over-the-top soundtrack and Technicolor midcentury wardrobe.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Tobe Hooper’s 1986 sequel to his camp horror masterpiece isn’t as beloved as the original movie, but holy shit, Dennis Hopper. What other reason do you need to watch? Dennis. Hopper.


You might be thinking, “Hamlet? Really?” but hey—this is Mel Gibson’s Hamlet. That Gibson did the movie was a headshaker when it premiered in 1990 but we’ll just say it: whatever you think of the original Mad Max now, after years of sometimes odd off-screen behavior, Mel Gibson’s portrayal of the Prince of Denmark deserves a second look. He brings a certain neurotic twitchiness and a physical vitality to the role that is totally unique to him, and it kind of works. 

We hope some more well-known classics will show up on Paramount’s channel soon, but they’ve got enough for several weekend movie marathons—though sadly, they’re only available at this time to users in the United States.

Go buy all the snacks and start watching now.