Is Patti Mayonnaise the Ultimate Trap Queen?

A new mash-up video proves Doug Funnie's dream girl fit the bill. 
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When rapper Fetty Wap’s debut single “Trap Queen” took the nation by storm earlier this year, many an American was left wondering, “What is a trap queen?” or “Do I know a trap queen?” Those reared on nineties-era Nickelodeon, however, were unknowingly already familiar with trap queen royalty — Patti Mayonnaise of the cartoon Doug.

A trap queen is a quintessential bad female, and a new mash-up from Vulture proves the animated dream girl fit the bill. In the video, clips of Doug Funnie and girl-next-door Patti are synched to the lyrics of Fetty Wap. While the New Jersey-bred rapper may have had a more street-hardened woman in mind, Patti had beauty, smarts, and a devil-may-care spirit — all hallmarks of the ultimate trap queen. Though, I’m not sure if Doug and Patti ever hit the strip clubs or “cooked pies” together…