Pennywise Is Back and Still Creepy as Hell in New Pics From the Set of ‘IT: Chapter Two’

He still floats.

The clown
Warner Bros.

IT: Chapter Two will be in theaters before you know it, ruining the entire clown industrial complex all over again. 

The kids who battled shape-shifting Pennywise in the first movie have grown up. They’re back in Derry, Maine and battling the same otherworldly monster all over again in Chapter Two—and he (It) hasn’t changed one bit.

As photos from the production demonstrate, even in rigging that will be digitally erased later, Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise is still bone-chilling. Whether it’s the freaky makeup or the eternally amused death stare, he’s clearly out to eat everyone just for fun.

Case in point:

We don’t even know what’s going on here but it has to be terrible. 

There’s also this photo, in which he’s buddying up with his pal Paul Bunyan (the gigantic lumberjack from early American myth who went around chopping trees and stomping pioneers into pulp) and obviously not having a friendly chat with whoever is on the ground below. 

The Bunyan photo reveals that at least one scene from Stephen King‘s novel has been faithfully reproduced:  

From Stephen King’s IT

In Chapter Two Richie Tozier is played by comedian Bill Hader, so we’ll probably get a chance to see how well Hader handles acting like he’s crapping his pants in terror. 

The rest of the actors cast as the adult Loser’s Club: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Isaiah Mustafa and Andy Bean.

It: Chapter Two floats into theaters on Sept. 6, 2019.