We’re Totally Shook by the Absolutely Terrifying First Full-Length Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘It’

Holy crap.

The terrifying It teaser trailer broke records, drawing in 197 million terrified viewers in just 24 hours. And “It” didn’t even speak.

But Pennywise the killer clown utters his first words in the first full-length trailer for the Stephen King reboot, and you’ll never sleep soundly again.

“Here, take it,” the whispering and androgynous-sounding Pennywise taunts to his first victim from a drainpipe before pulling poor Georgie to his death.

Warner Bros.

Another straight-up terrifying feature from the trailer is Pennywise’s shining yellow eyes, which was described to terrifying detail in King’s source novel but omitted from the 1990 TV miniseries.

There are ominously floating red balloons, deeply unsettling images of children in peril and a final sequence of Pennywise with razor-blade teeth flaring plunging towards the screen.

It will be one hell of a fright when It hits theaters on Sept. 8.