People Are Going To Have Sex In Space For the First Time Because Human Curiosity—and Horniness—Know No Bounds

Houston, we have a boner.

The journey to understand the boundless wonders of space has been punctuated by great feats of mankind: The first satellite in space, the first walk on the moon, the launch of the Hubble telescope. And now, in a truly miraculous event propelled by the dual driving forces of human curiosity and horniness, humans may have the chance to pork in space for the first time.

Pornhub has launched a Space Exploration Indiegogo named Sexploration this morning to raise $3.5 million dollars in order to film the first porn shot in space. Porn stars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins will obsentisably be the first humans to have sex in our celestial sphere. (There’s no known record of alien sex, but I want to believe.)

The majority of the costs will be going into making the flight happen, such as training for the crew and space travel, with other funds going to producing the film and paying for Indiegogo fees.

What does zero gravity do to an erection? We may finally have an answer.