The Perfect Pigskin Sandwich for Super Bowl Sunday

Pig Guy NYC makes an exclusive sandwich just for Maxim to enjoy during the big game.

The Super Bowl has become an undeclared national holiday. Friends and family alike gather round the big screen, whether in a packed bar or a comfy couch, to enjoy some ‘ol fashioned pigskin. The thing is, not everyone is usually there for the big game. Gorging yourself on chips, dip, and wings has become a staple during this event, but sometimes it can get redundant. Lucky for us, Thomas Perone over at Pig Guy NYC helped us kick things up a notch with the mouthwatering “Rib Buster.” Here’s how you can make your very own Ultimate Superbowl Sandwich.

1.            Pull 6oz. St. Louis Rib Meat of bone and toss with favorite BBQ Sauce

2.            Combine 2oz. of mac n’ cheese with 1oz. of small, diced thick cut bacon

3.            Lay two pieces of Texas Toast down, ready for assembling

4.            To layer, put the BBQ meat down on one piece of toast, then add the 
bacon mac n’ cheese and top it off with a bit more BBQ sauce for the perfect, meaty, saucy concoction.

If you’d rather take a break during half time, head to Pig Guy NYC at Gansevoort Market yourself to try the Ultimate Superbowl Sandwich.