The Peyote Plant In Grand Theft Auto V Will Turn You Into Bigfoot

This is a whole new game of Messin’ With Sasquatch. 

Looking for another way to spend time in the vast expanses of Grand Theft Auto V? How about finding a peyote plant and turning into Sasquatch?

That’s right. Kotaku reports there’s a special peyote plant that appears to have been added into the game after the newest update dropped about a week ago. There are some references in the program to Bigfoot, and it’s surmised that finding the peyote plant and performing a specific set of actions will transform you into said hairy creature, but as of right now gamers on Reddit are working hard to try and figure it all out.

The 2H2K YouTube channel used cheats and a specific set of coordinates to trigger the Bigfoot transformation as seen in the video below. It’s truly majestic. And freaky. And totally hairy.

Do you want to be Bigfoot? Join in on the hunt to figure out how exactly this event is triggered. But don’t go out and try to recreate it in real life. That’s probably going to be a bad idea.