Peyton Manning Reveals the Story Behind Eli’s Sad Super Bowl Face

He wasn’t as bummed as you might think.

Once it became clear that Super Bowl 50 would be a dull battle of defenses, the tens of millions of people watching had to find something fun in the tedium. There was the halftime show, some creepy commercials and a fleeting shot of Eli Manning in the moment it became clear that the Broncos would win the game. He looked like he was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Eli later explained his stone faced reaction, the awkwardness of which was only amplified by the glee around him. “I was just focused on whether they were going for two,” he told TMZ

On Wednesday, Peyton Manning was on the The Tonight Show and he shed further light on why Eli looked like he was taking his aging dog to the vet for the final time. Apparently that’s his go-to expression when great things happen to his big brother. Watch: