Here’s How Much Peyton Manning Could Have Made Off His Awkward Post-Game Budweiser Lovefest

Did you hear that Peyton Manning really, really loves Budweiser?


The Denver Broncos emerged victorious over the Carolina Panthers at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, but Peyton Manning didn’t leave the field a winner. Dogged by damning new revelations in the doping allegations against him (that Manning hired two private investigators to pose as cops and question the primary source in Al Jazeera’s bombshell investigation into his use of HGH) and somewhat overshadowed in a primarily defensive game on Sunday, Super Bowl 50 isn’t necessarily the game Manning wanted to ride off into the sunset with.

But that’s OK. You know why? Because Manning loves Budweiser and really wants you to know it:” tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”” tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”

Was Manning paid to rave about Budweiser or something? I mean, he’s a two-time Super Bowl champion so he can absolutely drink whatever the hell he wants, but this exuberant Bud lovin’ is so awkward in so many ways — especially given how much those mentions are probably worth:

So was Manning paid to give the beer a shout-out? Not at all, according to a spokesman for the brand:

Peyton, you idiot! A distributorship is one thing, but you’re gonna rave about Budweiser on national television, at least get paid for it! Now you just look cheesy and kind of lame.

h/t SB Nation