Report: Peyton Manning May Retire This Week

Depends on who you ask.

Peyton Manning retirement Getty

Saturday the Denver Post‘s Woody Paige reported that Denver Broncos quarterback was planning to announce his retirement “by the end of this week.” Paige cited a couple of unnamed sources. He also wrote that it was “implausible that Manning would opt to sign with another team for one season.”

Manning’s 40th birthday is in late March. He has hinted for some time that he might be nearly done with the game he’s played for nearly three decades, even offhandedly mentioning the possibility he was done to New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick at one point. It makes plenty of sense he’d retire now, as football certainly doesn’t get any less punishing on the body after a player enters his 40s. 

Sunday, however, the Broncos essentially said, ‘not so fast.’  As reported by USA Today, Denver’s veep for public relations took to Twitter to slow down any imminent tide of farewells to the QB sometimes affectionately referred to as “The Sheriff” by fellow players:

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The Broncos insist that Manning has said nothing about leaving the game so far. His new contract falls into place March 8, reported USA Today, and if he makes no announcement before then, the Broncos are on the hook to pay him $19 million. 

USA Today‘s report noted that in response to a question asked at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, team manager John Elway said he’d give Manning plenty of time to make his decision about whether he had one more year on the gridiron in him or not. 

The Sheriff may saddle up and ride away in the coming week; he may not. If does choose to say “adios,” Denver fans will likely be a bit like that kid who always runs after the departing cowpoke at the end of classic westerns, asking him to maybe just stay one more season. 

From his long career, injuries, and recent scandals Manning is probably one very tired guy. We’ll likely see if he does tip his hat and mosey on home to rest very soon.

h/t USA Today