Philadelphia Flyer’s Jeff Carter: Cup Finalist [Video]

The 2010 Stanley Cup Finals are underway, and the Flyers’ Jeff Carter is leading the charge for the Eastern Conference Champs from Philly. Maybe it was the “Maxim bump”?

The 2010 Stanley Cup Finals got underway this weekend, with the Chicago Blackhawks fighting their way through Predators, Sharks, and, erm, Canucks to represent the Western Conference, and the Philadelphia Flyers sending Canadiens, Bruins and Devils back where they came from for the Eastern rights to play for Lord Stanley’s hardware.

Making sure things stay sunny in Philadelphia is Flyers’ sharpshooter Jeff Carter, who just happened to prove his mettle to us with a little game of William Tell. With pucks.

Check out Carter’s Stanley Cup caliber off-season training routine RIGHT HERE.