Philly Sports Fans Prove Their Insanity by Punching Police Horses While Celebrating Villanova



Philadelphia sports fans roll their eyes every time some dope writes about how unhinged they are. It’s such a cliche, they say. Yes, Eagles fans were so unruly there was a courtroom in the bowels of the Vet, but that was eons ago. Sure, Phillies fans pelted one of their own players with batteries and garbage, but every city has its morons. OK, so Villanova fans assaulted a police horse, but…

Actually, we haven’t heard the excuse for that one yet because it happened less than 24 hours ago. According to police, at least one idiot was arrested for assaulting a police horse after the Villanova won their first NCAA title since 1985. A spokesman wouldn’t reveal anything else to USA Today, but what else do you need to know? An undergrad, hammered on cheap beer and national title-induced glee, pulled a Mongo. 

It happens. So do the bonfires and other random destruction. It happened last year in Durham, two years ago in Stoors and the year before that in Louisville. Each of those times, it was treated as an outlier — students going nuts when nuts is the only way to go. But in Philly, it’s treated as confirmation of stereotype.

That’s sure to piss off Philly fans, but it’s hard to be too sympathetic. For one, they just won a national title. If they get salty about being called unhinged when they could be reveling in Kris Jenkins’ brilliance, then they deserve to be unhappy. And secondly, the stereotype exists because Philly sports fans allow it to. Don’t want have a reputation as a bunch of miscreants? Then don’t punch horses, don’t steal balls from old ladies and don’t jack a vet’s prosthetic leg while he’s trying to make some cash (all examples from the past two years, btw).

And to those preparing the “bad apples” defense of Philly sports fans: Don’t let other fans do that nonsense.