Photo Diary: Musikfest 2013

We checked out Bethlehem, PA’s biggest (only?) music festival, because what the hell else were we gonna do in Bethlehem?

Every year, half of the city of Bethlehem essentially shuts down for 10 nights and 11 days of drinking, eating, and watching live music that ranges from R&B and rockabilly to reggae and Celtic rock. We happened to be in the area, so we checked it out and took a few photos. Because what the hell else were we gonna do in Bethlehem, PA?

This lovely lady was kind enough to invite us in for some drinks and tell us about the upcoming Xtreme Fight Events match. A girl who’s interested in cage fighting and drinking? Sold.

We found this dude selling some collapsible sunglasses, presumably to fund his fraternity dues and a hardcore Jägerbomb habit. We only wish we’d thought of that first.

If we had known gyro girls in Bethlehem were so hot, we might have put up much less of a fight about the long drive out here.

This menace on the bells was once a contestant on America’s Got Talent. You’ll want to stay if you like bells. Otherwise, not so much.

Looking for a more leisurely pastime, we decided to check out the cigar vendors. We were glad to have this lovely girl help us choose some sticks from Blanco’s variety of cigars—which, incidentally, wasn’t the only thing smoking here.

Right next to Blanco’s tent were the folks from Operation: Cigars for Warriors. These guys have one mission: provide cigars to U.S. soldiers around the world. A noble task if ever there was one. After bidding on a humidor being raffled off by the group, it was time for some music.

The Craig Thatcher Band sent classic rock blaring into a sea of people. It sure as hell beats the polka tent, which is apparently also a real thing.

An area landmark, the Bethlehem Steel Stacks is pretty much the only thing resembling a skyline until you hit Pittsburgh. Somebody must have said, “What can we do to make this rusting, dilapidated steel plant look like more than a rusting, dilapidated steel plant?” When in doubt, light it up.

Just in case you weren’t sure, it’s always the right time to jump on a pogo stick…

…Until it gets out of hand.

Toward the end of the day, we caught a dance crew who proceeded to show us how it’s done in New Jersey. Not bad, but speaking of states that start with “New,” can someone please take us back to New York, like immediately? We’re looking at you, gyro girls… 

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