You Missed Your Chance to Buy a Piano Pre-Licked By Miley Cyrus

Miley’s putting her spit to good use. 

Miley Cyrus‘ tongue is featured in just about every single thing that Miley herself is featured in — not just because it lives in her mouth, but because it’s constantly popping out of her pie hole to grab some screen time of it’s own. Miley’s tongue even has its own Facebook community, which officially makes it the most famous little muscle around. 

Much like every celebrity dabbles in charity work eventually, half-heartedly or not, Miley’s tongue is now doing it’s part to help out. Over the weekend, at the LGBT Center’s gala in Los Angeles, the tongue, and the person it’s attached to (Miley, if we lost you already) were given the 2015 Vanguard Award for their activism over the year. In addition to autographing a piano that was up for charity auction, Miley’s tongue was like “let’s do this” and licked the instrument, which sent folks into a frenzy resulting in a sale of $50,000. So next time you’re ever wondering how much Miley’s tongue brings in a year — just her tongue — it’s AT LEAST $50K. 

h/t Noisey

Photos by Getty Images/Gregg DeGuire