Pick Up Chicks

These tips make getting girls in awkward places (settings, not erogenous zones) easier than child’s play.

You never know when Sienna Miller’s farsighted promiscuous look-alike is going to cross your path, so you damn well better be ready to hit on her. Behold, five unexpected pickup scenes and how to capitalize on them from pickup artist extraordinaire Neil Strauss, author of Rules of the Game.

On airplanes
“Most guys wait for dumb luck, thinking, I hope I sit next to a hot girl. Screw that. Find the woman you want before you board, approach her, and make a connection with a funny opener. Then say, ‘I don’t want to get stuck next to some fat, smelly guy—let’s sit together.’ Once they seat you, talk to her a bit, then tune her out—go to sleep, read a book—this shows her you’re not a conversation terrorist. Then resume the chat 30 minutes before the wheels touch ground again.”

In elevators
“You have little time so be interesting—not creepy—and efficient. A friend was in an elevator, and a beautiful women got on as the door closed. He said with a smile, ‘You take your time, don’t you?’ When the door opened to other floors, he’d say, ‘It’s trying to get rid of you.’ That made her laugh and notice that he was different from other guys, so he got her number. How to ask? Keep it simple: ‘Tell me your number—I’ll remember it.’ Then take it down when she’s out of sight.”

In traffic
“This requires even more speed and daring than in elevators. Signal for her to roll down her window, make sure you smile and appear nonthreatening, and hook her interest right away. Try something like: ‘Hey, you seem like an expert. Let me get your take on a dating issue my friend is having.’ Then make something up, but before you finish, signal to the changing traffic light, hold up your phone and say, ‘We’re out of time! What’s your number? We can’t let him down.'”

When she’s with a date
“I don’t recommend this, but it works. I was out with friends, and in walked this gorgeous girl with her date. I asked them to join us. The guy was thinking, Cool—I’ll show off in front of her. But he didn’t know what was about to hit him. I talked to him as much as her, made him feel good, and kept conversation flowing. We made friends, and I said, ‘Let me get both your numbers,’ then I called her. If the guy looks up to you, she’ll often recognize this and become attracted to you.”

When she pulls you over for speeding
“A student of mine was pulled over by a stunning lady cop. Instead of playing the part of sucker getting ticket, he asked, ‘Who lies more, men or women?’ She said, ‘Are you fucking with me?’ He said, ‘I just want your opinion.’ He made her laugh, and when she gave him the ticket, it had just one thing on it: her phone number. The key was changing the frame of interaction, bringing her into his reality. It’s what men who are successful with women do, and you can do it anywhere, anytime. Except during fires, robberies, and hostage negotiations.”